Apple iPhone 14 range and iOS 16

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10/27/2022 1:00 PM

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You’ll see the new Apple products in your device detection results

The iPhone 14 range is now available alongside the release of iOS 16.0, which means you will start to see more users with these devices and operating system in your audience.

iPhone 14 range

The four new devices to look out for are the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Overall, there's not too much difference between the iPhone 14 range and their predecessors, the iPhone 13. The biggest change is a refinement to their cameras; the screen size and A15 bionic chip are the same across most of the devices.

The iPhone 14

iOS 16

In September, Apple also released iOS 16. Similarly, the changes made between iOS 15 and iOS 16 are relatively subdued. One key difference is an update to customization, allowing users more creative freedom with their lock screen.

Apple has also developed Automatic Verification, a feature that bypasses the need to fill out CAPTCHAs. Following the privacy push Apple did within iOS 15, and the release of the App Tracking Transparency feature in iOS 14.5, it’s a calculated move for Apple to continue working towards further privacy improvements for their users.

Changes to our service

September was a big month for Apple, with two major product releases. As soon as Apple announces upcoming products, we leap into action to make sure that our service can detect the new releases. However, Apple has made it increasingly difficult to determine the device model with 100% certainty from the User Agent alone.

To find out how we determine the detection results for Apple devices, please refer to our Apple Model Detection documentation. You can also see expected iPhone iPad detection results from our Apple Device Detection table.

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