51Degrees API Documentation  4.4

Upgrade to V4

Upgrading to 51Degrees Version 4

This guide details how current Version 3 customers of 51Degrees can upgrade to Version 4.

Version 4 is faster, has a smaller data file, and has an upgraded algorithm that allows better detection of new, different, and rare User-Agents. Additionally, Version 4 has support for Google's changes to the User-Agent and the new User-Agent Client Hints HTTP request header.

The steps to upgrade will vary depending on whether you are using our cloud or on-premise service.


V3 Cloud users

Use our Cloud Configurator to generate a new Resource Key. You can follow our Configurator explanation for a step by step guide. This Resource Key should contain all the properties you wish to collect data for – you can find a list of all the available properties on our property dictionary. Some advanced properties may require the purchase of a License Key. Sign up to one of our pricing plans to be granted a License Key.

If you are looking for User-Agent Client Hints support in the cloud, please follow the User-Agent Client Hints documentation.


V3 On-premise users

If you wish to continue to use 51Degrees on-premise, you will need to purchase a License Key to access the Version 4 data files. Visit our pricing page and select the suitable plan for your needs. Alternatively, you may wish to use our cloud service, which can be called from the server via our APIs.

Once you have received a License Key after signing up for a pricing plan, you can use the key to download a data file for on-premise implementations that contains all the properties. You can download the file manually or set up automatic data file updates.

You can download the latest API packages for your programming language via our downloads page or GitHub.

Once you have obtained your new License Key and downloaded the latest API packages and data file, please visit our Migration guide for the next steps.

We also recommend enabling usage sharing in your environment. This allows our machine learning algorithm to grow and therefore detect new and unique User-Agents quicker with higher levels of accuracy.

If you are looking for User-Agent Client Hints support, please follow the User-Agent Client Hints documentation.

If you require any help upgrading, get in touch with Sales.


New customers

If you wish to get started with 51Degrees, check out our pricing page for an overview of all our pricing tiers. You can then follow the Configurator explanation to get started in the cloud or use our on-premise documentation.

Alternatively, get in touch with our Sales team and mention your use case. Please provide as much information as possible such as intended deployment method, programming language, and environment configuration as this will help us discuss the best solution for you.